Power Ascender ACX

Target group

Telecom workers, line maintenance staff, wind-power personnel.

Course Goals

To safely use the ACX Power Ascender.



Work environment law + relevant legal instruments for working in fall risk environments
Fall factors; the loads the human body can be subjected to
Fall protection system in compliance with EN 363:2008 and its subdivisions
Relevant EN standards for the type of work undertaken
Anchorage points

Practical exercise

Connections, knots
Use of ActSafe's ACX 
Training exercise ACX
- Overall visual inspection
- Start-up procedure
- Anchorage points
- Installation on rope Ascend using rope
- Emergency lowering using lowering device and emergency kit, at least twice
- Hoist using single rope
- Hoist using 2:1 system
- Hoist using 3:1 system


A certificate is awarded. The participant must be fully fit!
Use of ActSafe PMX/ACX requires training (in compliance with the certifying body; Bauberufgenossenschaft CE0547) for transportation of humans

Cresto reserves the right to cancel the course if the number of participants is less than 3 persons. If so, we will inform you one week before that start of the course.

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