Competent person Cresto SRL

Target group

Industry, construction, operations and maintenance

Course Goal

The employer trains someone to be a "Competent Person" for the inspection of fall protection equipment in compliance with EN 365. Competence extends to inspecting Cresto SRLs C10H, C15H and 50 06.



- Working environment regulations
- European norms
- Material study (run-through of equipment used)
- EN standards
- CE-marking, daily inspection, periodical inspection
- Criteria for rejection
- User instructions

Practical exercise

- Dismantling and assembly
- Practical test
- Theoretical test


The course covers our current SRLs.
Both a theoretical and a practical assessment will take place to ensure the quality.
A certificate is awarded after the course on successful completion.

Cresto reserves the right to cancel the course if the number of participants is less than 3 persons. If so, we will inform you one week before that start of the course.


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