Cresto - The Industry leader

Work at height is our passion.

Our ambition is for professionals working at height to feel self-assured and proud in an environment which can be perceived both as dangerous and thrilling. That's why our products are robust and designed for tough conditions. They are stylish, strong and comfortable to work in – and constantly evolving.

As a leader within equipment for working at height, we take our customers' challenges seriously. We are constantly searching for innovation that can be transformed into unique solutions, products and services to make the experience of working at great height even safer and more efficient.

Most of our customers work in extreme environments which necessitate that they are highly competent. Our customers are prudent and wise, which is why they know how to set limits. Cresto’s focus is on this, ensuring our customers can continue to operate safely in the total confidence that they have chosen the right equipment.


Our promise

We give the industrial climber, that experience height as a risk as well as exciting the necessary tools and solutions to complete their everyday challenges.



We inspire and give the industrial climber the confidence and the products they need to be safe and conscious in their work at heights.


We take our customers challenges and requirements seriously. We are perceived as the leading player for those who want to develop within working at heights.

The right Choice

We give our users the right products, solutions and information in a smart and accessible way. Our customers should feel confident they have made the right choice.



We design our products to be robust, reliable and comfortable to use.

Insight & Innovation

Driven by insight about our customers needs we develope and manufacture innovative solutions, products and services. Our spirit, creativity and hunger for development gives us and our customers new insights.

Our Story

- CRESTO AB was founded in 1999 and has been a subsidiary and brand within the Bergman & Beving Group since 2002
- In 2007 the Danish fall protection company ResQ A/S was acquired. ResQ is today consolidated into Cresto AB
- In 2017 the Norwegian fall protection company AAK Safety AS was aquired

About Cresto

- Manufacturing and product development in Halmstad, Sweden
- 40 (Sweden) + 30 (Norway) employees within fall protection division
- Internationally acclaimed product- and service development (Red Dot Award 2014)
- Market leader in our home market - the Nordic region and World leaders in specific rescue equipment for the global wind-power industry, with more than 80 000 sold units
- CRESTO AB is currently quality certified in the areas of quality, environment and health & safety (ISO9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001)