Working on roofs

Target Group:

The course concrates on safe working practices on roofs and making safe anchor points. The target group is roofing workers, construction workers, metal workers, snow removers and others.

Course goals:

Following successful completion of the course, the participant shall:
- Have knowledge of good anchorage points
- Be well-versed in anchor knots
- Be able to make a safe anchor with several fixation points
- Set advanced anchorage points



What can be used as an anchorage point?
What equipment is used and ow is it maintained?
The use of different knots
How equally distributed are anchors?
What do we do if we don’t have any anchorage points?

Practical Exercise:

Evaluation of anchor knots
Setting-up multi-point anchor
Anchor equilibrium conditions
Work with two ropes


A certificate will be awarded after successful completion of the course. The course can be adapted to customer-specific goals.

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Caroline Magnusson