Fall protection basic course

Target group

Everyone coming into contact with work at heights.
Such as roofers, construction workers, scaffolders, snow removers and others.


Following successful completion of the course, the participant shall:
Have knowledge of relevant laws and standards for working in fall risk environments
Have knowledge about how Personal Fall Protection Equipment is correctly used:
- Full-body harness
- Energy absorbers
- Fall stop lanyard
- Support line
- Fall protection block
- Mobile fall arrest devices for rail and wire systems.
Understand the importance of a detailed risk assessment and rescue plan
Understanding of what happens in a fall



What happens in a fall?
What does the relevant Health & Safety law say?
Liability and responsibilities of the employer and employee? What does the relevant Work Environment Authority say? What are CE and EN markings?
Risk assessment, rescue plan
What can be used as an anchorage point?
What equipment is used and how is it maintained?

Practical exercise

Correct use of Personal Fall Protection Equipment.


An assessment of the course participant is performed for quality assurance.
A certificate is awarded following successful completion of the course.
The course can be conducted at the customer's location.

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